The Lead Up

There’s lots to research and organise before we depart London on the 3rd November… This is my awesome friend and travel partner, Sarah Ussher! We do a lot of “jogging on the inside” (aka laughing) and I’m thrilled that we’re embarking on this epic adventure together. I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy.

Tam & Sarah in Iceland

Tam & Sarah in Iceland

We’ve read a fair amount of travel blogs about what we should take on our trip and what can be left behind and found this website really helpful: Gap Year Escape

Below is a list of some of the items we’ve purchased…

1. Olympus Stylus Tough TG-830 Camera (Amazon)

2. iPad Mini 32GB Wifi (Apple)

3. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Mini (Amazon)

4. iPad Gadgets: – Neoprene case (eBay) – Headphone Jack Splitter Adapter Cable/Lead (Amazon) – 5 in 1 USB Card Reader Adapter (eBay) – Waterproof pouch (eBay)

5. SKROSS EVO USB World Adapter (Amazon)

6. Multi Charging USB Cable (Amazon)

7. Fold Dry Bags (eBay)

8. Headtorch (eBay)

9. Waterproof Backpack Cover (eBay)

10. Security Combination Cable Locks (Amazon)

11. Combination Locks (eBay)

12. Travel Towel (eBay)

13. Solar Battery Charger (eBay)

14. LaCie Rugged External Hard drive 1TB (Amazon)

15. Money Belt (Amazon)

16. Eyemask and Earplugs (Amazon)

Vaccinations we’ve had: – Yellow Fever – Rabies (3 shots: Day 0, 7, 28) – Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus – Twinrix which is combined Hep A+B (3 shots: Day 0, 7, 21)


They say that sometimes the scariest things in life end up being the most rewarding. If this is the case then the next 6 months are going to be most profitable for us. After an amazing party on Friday where we bid adieu to our friends and family, a very stressful Saturday trying to pack a 55 litre backpack (you know how girls are… we need everything and the kitchen sink) and a few tears (in Sarah’s case, a lot!) at the airport on Sunday we boarded our Emirates flight to Bangkok, via Dubai. Looking forward to waking up in Bangkok to start our adventure.

To all of those who lent a helping hand/car over the last few weeks (you know who you are), we are forever grateful and you’ll be rewarded with a trinket from some far off land (well Sarah’s friends will at least;)

Sa and Tam at Wandle for Farewell







One thought on “The Lead Up

  1. This looks incredible Tam, we will be thinking of you whilst you travel and look forward to catching up on your activities when having supper with Dad and Mom and being able to come onto this site via their laptop. Lots of love, Gramps and Adele xx

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