Kuala Lumpur

Dates: 18-19 December 2013


DAYS 45-46: “Whizzing through Kuala Lumpur” (18-19 Dec)

Once again, we must apologise for our tardiness in updating this blog…but you know how the silly season gets. But let’s put our excuses aside and focus on filling you in on what we’ve been up to over the past 3 weeks…

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur (KL) Airport from Phnom Penh at about 9pm and rather than adopting our usual style of taking a taxi we decided to…drum roll…use public transport! What authentic backpackers we are becoming…you must be so proud! We took the bus (which cost 8 Ringit = £1.50, a taxi would have cost around 120 Ringit = £22…go team!) to Central station and then navigated ourselves on the train (1 Ringitt = 20p) to our hostel, Suzie’s Guesthouse. We soon realised that we had left the value for money Thailand/Laos/Vietnam/Cambodia offered, as the size of our room at Suzie’s was no bigger than a matchbox and contained 1x bunk bed and 1x mirror…even though it was nearly double the price of what we had been paying! We were also back to the shared bathroom… oh, the horror…

As us beach bums spent WAY too much time enjoying the beach in Koh Rong and Serendipity we only had 2 nights and 1 full day in KL which was ok as this place was challenging our budget in a big way. We started our day in KL enjoying brunch at Nandos (you can imagine the joy we felt when we saw this piece of home…Portuguese peri-peri chicken was a welcome alternative to the rice/noodles/seafood we’d been eating for a month and a half). We then booked our bus ticket to Singapore, hit Bukit Bintang for some retail therapy (we know what you’re thinking – shopping, with those backpacks – but having not accounted for the 1st world, we needed to update our wardrobe a bit :). Of course we had to head to KLCC to take in those spectacular twin towers, which we did in the late afternoon to get the day & night effect…when you’re only in a place for one day you’ve got to make sure you see everything!

Feeling satisfied that we’d spent our day in KL effectively, we hit the hay ready for an early start the next day as we were getting our 6 hour bus down to Singapore early bells.


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