Let the Good Times Roll….



12 thoughts on “Let the Good Times Roll….

  1. Very glad to see eBay won vs. Amazon (8:5) in your preparatory shopping ;)

    Can’t wait to hear your updates and wishing you both a very special trip xxx

  2. Enjoy! enjoy Tams! So organized! Look forward to following your trip. Have the greatest time ever and safe travels.
    LOL xx Liz Harrison.

  3. Hey my darling, I know that you are going to have the best time ever. I look forward to getting your updates and pics of your adventure. Love you madly xx

  4. Tam, my girl, you have truly blown me away with this blog and I wish I could just jump on a plane and join you. Forgot half the places you were going to and it just sounds magical. I’ll be following your blog and can’t wait to see what you up to. And who knows…take care of yourself and thinking of you!!! mwah

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